The railway civil aviation department fully built the prevention and control line guarantee passengers travel safety

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The railway civil aviation department fully built the prevention and control line guarantee passengers travel safety

  Original title: Railway civil aviation sector epidemic prevention and control does not relax, we have built the prevention and control line guarantee passengers travel safety infrared temperature measurement, real-name certification, show green health code, artificial temperature measurement, security … November 16, at 10 o’clock, Nanning East Station East Exit, the reporter saw the passenger of the wearing mask dragged the baggage to keep 1 meter away from the order, waiting for the waiting room, labeled the hint of the maintenance, broadcasting the uninterrupted cycle remind passengers to wear masks Do personal protection. "In order to ensure the safety travel of passengers, Nanning East Railway Station upgraded epidemic prevention measures." Deng Chi, deputy station director of Nanning Station, strengthen disinfection of traveler high-frequency contact facilities, 1 hour, station and passenger car, other big area area 1 time; station employee also strengthens personal protection, with the emergency disposal requirements to match the N95 / KN95 mask, disposable gloves, goggles and other protective supplies, strictly do the personal protection of the staff of the emergency office car. Outbound, passenger temperature test, health code from low-risk areas, can be outlined normally after passing through the stroke code, and passengers from the high-risk area are out of stock, and they need to provide a 48-hour nucleic acid detection negative proof.

The reporter saw in the Nanning East Exit Station, the outbound settings were set with nucleic acid detection, convenient for travelers quickly completing nucleic acid detection.

Each entry and export station has a fever observation and a checkout room, once the body temperature is abnormal, the passenger is in the first time.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Railway Nanning Bureau, introduced to ensure passenger safety travel, the 77 passenger station of Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, encrypts public health, entrance, elevator armrests, high-frequency contact areas, facilities and equipment A preventive disinfection frequency, increase the number of waiting rooms, passenger trains ventilated, standard to carry out air conditioning, returning stretch and filter clean and disinfection work.

Temporary cancellation of passenger car dining cart halls, reducing the risk of prevention and control. Strengthen promotion, remind passengers to keep safe distance, guide passengers to wear masks, bright code travel. In the case of 30 main stations in Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, the ticket, the ticket, the station, and other places to set up a mouth cover, which is convenient for passengers.

The passengers exit passengers exit passengers exit passengers in the passenger exit. There are local cases of provinces and districts to deliver out of the station, suggesting that after returning to passengers from high-risk areas to the genus community (village, ) Report, obey local health management.

  In terms of civil aviation, the airports in the whole region are strictly refined and optimized on the basis of nucleic acid nucleic acid testing measures in the autonomous region, continuously refine and optimize front-end inspection, on behalf of the machine, to Hong Kong inspection, nucleic acid sampling, etc., and improve the inspection efficiency.

  Various airports actively divert the outgoing provinces and municipal airports and airlines, do frontal inspection, and stop the passenger’s proof of the varying value of nucleic acid negative within 48 hours.

Active docking airlines, issued a "Epidemic Prevention and Control Notice" to all passengers, and reminded the passengers to test the nucleic acid proof after the passenger broadcast system. Arrange relatively fixed stop positions, luggage turntables, guide passengers to prove to nucleic acid prove in the nucleic acid prove.

For passengers who have been negative within 48 hours, the airport will be guided to the nucleic acid sampling area in the terminal, which is demonstrated, and it has been sampled, which is convenient for passengers to proof in the area.

  In order to improve nucleic acid inspection and passenger pass efficiency, Nanning Airport is classified to Hong Kong flights, distinguishing between low-risk areas, three categories of high-risk areas, and is involved in the country, to ensure that the port passengers are sequentially diversified, high efficiency, Do not leak one person. Guilin Airport sets a striking involved in the Terminal to the Gui Flight passenger visit, publicized the autonomous region related epidemic prevention requirements. "Optimized measures, the peak of airport airfare in our district has basically no traveler congestion aggregation.

"Introduction to the relevant people of Guangxi Airport Management Group.

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