Shanglin County Procuratorate Party Branch Carried the Party Class

17/03/2022 作者 admin

Shanglin County Procuratorate Party Branch Carried the Party Class

On March 2, the party branch of Shanglin County Procuratorate conducted a team of party history, from the party, deputy inspectors, secretary of the party branch, secretary of the Party branch, the entire branch member, new development prepared party members and transfer party members to participate Learn.

On the same day, the branch secretary was emphasized that the party members’ police officers should improve the political stations and profoundly understand the significance of studying the education of party history. It is necessary to carry out the party history education as an important political task throughout the year, posing in a prominent position. To learn the history, school history, learning history, school history, school history, to learn the history, understanding of the idea, do practical things, and open a new bureau.

She asked, the party branch should be well-organized and strengthened the responsibility. To carry out high quality and high standards, party history learning, innovation method, combined with actual development, distinctive characteristics, diverse learning activities, grasp the key and target tasks of learning education, implement it, and strive to learn parties The results transformed into the powerful driving force for the high-quality development of the new era procuratorial work, and the 100th anniversary of the party.

Subsequently, the Branch Secret Ji Sisz led the participants to visit the party history knowledge column in the party members of the hospital, and recalling the hard struggle of the Communist Party of China. Finally, the BUCO has organized the new development of party members and transfer to party members to enter the party. Through the combination of the original text and the site, the party class further strengthens party members’ ideal beliefs on party loyalty, and teaches the people’s judicial awareness, education to guide party members to always maintain the glorious tradition and fine style of Communists, in the new journey in the new era. The new appearance is displayed.

(Correspondent Liao Bin) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Pang Guanhua).