The country’s first creation! Hangzhou acrobatic magic spy battle drama "Miss Miss"

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The country’s first creation! Hangzhou acrobatic magic spy battle drama "Miss Miss"

  In the horn of the revolutionary victory, a shocking magic awards lit up historical sky. On the evening of October 24th, on the evening of the 25th, China’s first large original magic spy battle drama "Miss Ming Jia" was successfully staged in Hangzhou Honeycomb.

  A red heart, interpretation of red praise.

It is reported that as a focus of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the large original magic spy battle drama "Miss Miss" is starred by the national first-level actor, "Jiuji Award" Gold Award winner Li Jie leaders.

  Since the establishment of the Hangzhou Acupuncture Group for more than 60 years, Bo Cai is full of acrobatic art traditions, and innovation.

It is worth mentioning that the stage art form of this magic combined with spy battle is the first in the country. "Dark West Lake, the horror cover city Guo; obscenity, ‘white pigeon" is frustrated.

"Female underground party members will be in danger, with beliefs, born beliefs to return to the top work …" Mei Family Miss "gives magic art to the red theme, with the main line of the Communist Party to destroy the Japanese parents, red lovers The other romantic in the concealed front is a secondary line, and the spectra is a hobby song of Haoji Guo Guo.

  In the past two decades, the magic drama in China is also a phenothor. The magic spy battle drama is unprecedented in the country. It is unprecedented in the country. To express the theme of the ambition with the fantasy magic, strengthen the sense of the story and orientation "Li Jie introduced," Miss Miss "let the magic have created a wonderful and entertaining the public’s performance, and I mounted a main melody art stage from the unwanted.

  "Miss Miss", with the magic stunning, odd, dangerous, special artistic characteristics, using large mechanical technology magic and unpredictable magic artwork, etc. Mysterious Escape "Dozens of" Criminal Room Abuse "is full of art scenes full of suspense color.

  "The ‘Huang Bai Motor in the opening" is our first try. The traditional’ big change people ‘, it is gone, then change again, and we have replaced individual, let the audience feel fresh. Also surprised.

There is also the final ‘death escape’, and everyone is familiar with the "escape" that is not the same, the new ‘golden shell, 360 ° rotating big roulette, arrows in the bow, every second is challenging the audience Heart jump … "The drama magic design Yang Jie said that all the magic effects in the play are in order to succinct, truthfully present the hidden line dangerous, and highlight the enemy’s special scams and revolutionary martyrs.

  Magic Spy Battle The drama This stage art form does not have any rocks of the mountain.

"For our Hangyi team, it is the ‘flat scorpion’, a layer of layers to overlap. In order to make magic and plot, we continue to push, continue to reset.

Even if a magic props are made, the stage effect is perfect, but it can’t be strong, hard cut in the plot. Li Jie introduced, including her own and Hangyao magic actor Xiao Bing, this total of 5 golden symbols will participate in the creation of the drama.

"Playing a Japanese officer’s Wang Jinhu is itself a acrobatic actor. In order to plot need, the drama has undertaken a lot of magic drama. Whether it is magic skill, or the scene is scheduled, he will start from zero, and the industry is fine." For a group Hanging young actors speaking, shaping roles, the challenges brought by the plot are also unprecedented. "We used to create a" Dream Forest "of acrobatic magic animation animation, and actors can drive the plot by means of the line.

And "Miss Miss" is different. There is no line in the full drama. It is necessary to perform dramatic interpretation with magic for the main language. This is the case of acrobats, which is completely touched by the river.

"Li Jie feels emotion, in the official rehearsal, the crew almost greedy every day." I will pour it in this work more about the experience and heart of more than 30 years of artistic career.

The essence of artistic forms such as magic, dance magic, large magic, and is also fully integrated. "" Back, the mountain river is innocent; the world, the towel is Yongfang. "When a smeared and magnificent red is over the stage, Miss Miss uses the red love and firm revolutionary belief to interpret the red lover’s different romance … Currently, the play has been selected for the 2020 National Art Fund Project and Zhejiang Culture Art Development Fund Project.

"We will continue to grind, continuously improved," Miss Miss "has created a cultural boutique force for a three-in-one ideological, artistic and ornamental." Li Jie said.

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