Technological Innovation and Patent layout look into the Fair from

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Technological Innovation and Patent layout look into the Fair from

Original title: From the Fair into the technical innovation and patented layout 5 to 11 November, the Third China International Import Expo in Shanghai. The show, involving intelligent building, epidemic prevention products, Beauty field of science and technology of new technologies and products refreshing, this patent from the point of view of these innovative products to provide a reference for domestic enterprise innovation patents related fields.

  Intelligent building has become a hot this cooperation was first introduced into the Expo area of energy saving, intelligent products, especially intelligent building is the focus of everyone’s attention.

It is understood that during the current into the Expo, Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group, respectively, and the number of customers around the intelligent building healthy, safe, efficient and interconnected fields signed a cooperation agreement, including Xi’an Qujiang large home Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinqiao export processing zone development Co., Ltd., Greenland Group and other enterprises, intelligent building on its cooperation; Johnson Controls is released during Fair into the wisdom of building a five-dimensional digital strategy of the White Paper OpenBlue, that " five-dimensional architectural wisdom "architecture system to digitize modern technology to reshape the way people interact with the architectural space.

It is worth mentioning that during the company into the Fair with a number of government agencies and enterprises signed a letter of intent.

  I retrieved discovered so far, patents related to smart buildings Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group mainly related to the application of international patent classification (IPC Classification) G05B15 / 02 (computer control system) and H04N7 / 18 (image communication ); Johnson controls intelligent building of related patent application relates generally to international Patent classification G05B15 / 02 (computer control system), F24F11 / 30 (control and safety system layout).

It retrieved after further found that the current, three applicants before the domestic patent applications related to the field of intelligent building ranking respectively National Grid Co., Ltd., China Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Southeast University. Among them, the State Grid Co., Ltd. in the field of intelligent buildings patent application relates generally to the international patent classification G06Q50 / 06 (water, electricity or natural gas supply) and G06Q10 / 06 (resources, workflow, or project management); China Construction Group Co., Ltd. patent applications in the field of intelligent buildings mainly related to international patent classification G06F17 / 50 (device-specific functions of the computer or data processing) and G06Q50 / 08 (specially adapted for construction of administrative, commercial, financial, management or forecasting purposes); Southeast University patent application relates to the field of intelligent building major international patent classification G06F17 / 50 (specific function of the digital data processing or computing device) and G06Q10 / 04 (or optimized prediction such as linear programming). As can be seen from the above technical composition, in the field of intelligent building, domestic and foreign patent applications focus applicant vary, foreign companies are more focused on computer control and security of the building, while domestic enterprises and research institutes, colleges and universities more focused on the specific architecture scene the intelligent.

He suggested that domestic enterprises and research institutes, colleges and universities for computer control and security can focus on the layout of the building, strengthen research and development in this direction.

  Epidemic prevention products much public attention this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic outbreak in more global, prompting enterprises to strengthen health related technologies.

At this into Bo, medical devices and healthcare exhibition has become the focus of attention.

It is reported that into the Fair attracted nearly 340 exhibitors from around the world, which includes the world’s top 500 enterprises and more than 70, the United States GE Healthcare (GE Healthcare, said under), Terumo Corporation and other companies Bo was in advance of the fight against SARS have flaunted their star product. GE Healthcare Expo debut into the "wonderful as a" virtual clinical command center solution, which is a set of remote monitoring and management of clinical information systems applications.

The system allows the clinician in the case of the surge in the number of ICU patients, as well as remote monitoring of a large number of patients using the ventilator, and according to the parameters Hospital defined help identify disease patients may worsen, monitor safely and care of critically ill patients.

Such remote monitoring can reduce the risk of cross-contamination of clinicians and patients, and saving protective equipment, to maximize the use of the intensive care unit, ventilator and suction hospital beds and other medical resources.

  Since into the Fair showcase of all new products, some relevant disclosure of which may not be sufficient. Thus, according to the author after the relevant product description, a patent search found Publication No. CN111317440A GE Healthcare filed patent discloses a method of warning a patient, monitoring equipment and the use of the method readable storage medium, specifically disclosed in the ICU neural network analysis can be used simultaneously for a plurality of patient physiological data, including data comprising respiration rates early warning, and, through self-learning method updates warning score calculation and accuracy of medical personnel to patient depending on the patient according to the characteristics of different regions of scores appropriate care. In addition, I also retrieve the relevant part of the domestic patent applications, such as the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital Patent Application Publication No. CN111329459A, there is disclosed an improved vital signs monitoring and early warning scoring methods in patients that use different scoring methods for different patient’s condition; Beijing aerospace University Publication No. CN110827993A patent application discloses an integrated learning based on the early death risk assessment model method and apparatus; Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Beijing Union Medical College hospital Patent application Publication No. CN111243727A, the public can be based on a full azimuth data automatically identify alarm events and alarm systems in intensive care.

GE Healthcare difference between domestic enterprises and patent portfolio that aspect scoring algorithm, few domestic use of neural networks, the use of self-learning optimization algorithm score of patent applications, should enhance this layout. In the forward Bo, Terumo Corporation to "fight against SARS" as the theme, displaying a medical grade electronic thermometer iterative product is not yet listed in China.

The product can be measured at about 30 seconds the temperature, and the control accuracy at ± deg.] C, to fully meet the clinical need for temperature measurement accuracy, but also greatly reduces the conventional thermometer desired temperature of 5 to 10 minutes time . Meanwhile, to improve the efficiency of temperature measurement, which the thermometer with the overall waterproof design, is the only available chlorine disinfectant full immersion disinfection of medical-grade thermometer, more in line with a sense of control departments strict disinfection of hospital electronic thermometer under the new crown spread of the epidemic situation Require. Retrieved, I found no patent application relates to the product, and in the library can be retrieved not observed in full immersion chlorine disinfectant sterilizing medical grade thermometer, it is possible that the technique has not been disclosed in the application or China. Domestic enterprises in the sterilization method layout electronic thermometer should focus on public time-related patents, to avoid infringement, it can be used without chlorine disinfectant soak sterilization, or the use of a new patent for the sealed structure layout chlorine disinfectant. Beauty Technology created the most beautiful exhibition of beauty is human nature.

Data show that in 2020 the global market size will exceed 500 billion US dollars of cosmetics, beauty science and technology in recent years become a hot spot into the Fair.

Current into the Fair, L’Oreal Cosmetics brings a concept of custom products Perso. Perso is a three-in-home customized beauty care instruments, developed by L’Oreal technology incubator team, artificial intelligence, drive, simply 4 steps to customize fit the user’s skin care products, lip gloss and liquid foundation. Users only need to use the phone selfie few facial photographs, to the corresponding phone APP analyzed, Perso by APP can scan photos and determine the user and skin problems, and customize your skin care regimen recommended by skin care experts as well as AI, automatic extrusion for the current skin care products. Use Perso not only can do it, "thousands of thousand faces", but also according to the user’s skin condition, makeup and outfit so that "different day."

  According to the product description, patent searching it is found in the library, L’Oreal Patent Publication No. CN111448581A application discloses a system and method for using deep neural network for image processing, specifically provided APP on the phone, the user selfie using AI technology, according to user preference, recommended hair color. Search Results patent applications show that the recent domestic enterprises have also applied for a patent using AI technology to achieve intelligent makeup.

L’Oreal distinguish between these patent applications and related patent applications mainly in the algorithm, the proposed domestic enterprises to continuously optimize the algorithm, implemented in order to win market competition.

  Into the Fair is a great learning opportunity to exchange ideas, domestic enterprises can take to know the latest foreign technology products, targeted to adjust their patent portfolio, to achieve the transition from drawing to transcend. (State Intellectual Property Office Patent Examination Cooperation Center of Hubei Zhang Yibo Xu Haiqing) (article represents only personal point of view) (Editor: Lin Lu, Li Fang) Share to let more people see recommended reading.