The mechanic is also a cattle, and the BMW class runs out "Milesma"

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The mechanic is also a cattle, and the BMW class runs out "Milesma"

In the past, the family was guilty. Nowadays, the pride of the whole family is now a clean and tidy BMW tooling, a bright smile, a stable skilled operation method … When you meet, the 25-year-old Brilliance BMW, Wang Zhichao, I will leave the reporter for half a month. Sunlight, confident impression. Wang Zhichao is the first technical worker in the cooperation of BMW and Shenyang City Equipment Manufacturing Engineering School to build BMW classes. Nowadays, it has become a long section of the stamping workshop of Brilliance BMW. He said that he is a middle school, in the past, because it is not good enough to make his family, it has become a pride of the whole family.

The 23-year-old BMW employee is open. In 2016, Shenyang Vocational and Technical College was chosen, just catch up with BMW and school to build a BMW class.

He and more than 100 students have passed the primary election, and the first grade school studies theory, the second grade school study and the BMW training center training two-way training, three grades into the factory internship, and only dozens of people left.

"The students left, it is skilled worker, seamlessly with work." At present, Brilliance BMW has signed a joint training agreement with 2 high vocational education institutions in Shenyang, accumulating the excellent technical talents of BMW. More than 350 people.

The New Ideas of Vocational Education Based on the BMM class in German dual-yuan vocational education model, it brings revelation to the difficulties of cracking vocational education development.

First is a well-known business blessing, enhance the social recognition of vocational education. Zhang Chunyu, president of Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Engineering, said that because BMW is very famous, BMM classes have attracted many students with better achievements. As BMM classes continue to operate and have achieved results, school school quality and social recognition synchronize.

Even students who have eliminated them are easier to find a good job.

"It can be said that in the past, students rushed to Baoma, and now rushed to school." The second is between the professional education and technical school, relieve the problem of recruitment training of enterprises.

Because college students are generally "眼 高 手 低", the quality of the students in the school students is difficult to satisfy the business, the person in charge of the manufacturing enterprise has the needs of the company’s technical school. Ningqidong, director of the Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Engineering School Office, said that the company’s technical school is not realistic, and the vocational education is really facing the source of life, the quality of running school needs to be improved, compared with the BMM class, the double-way vocational education such as BMW The pattern is between the two, solving the new model of the cultivation of corporate mechanics. Promote this model, but also need to go to three thoughts. Different from BMW, the training class jointly organized by the professional school and the enterprise takes the old road of "Name", and domestic enterprises will focus on the cultivation of skills in workers into the internship and trial stage after entering the enterprise. From the perspective of the whole society, a large number of parents, students still have a prejudice to the position of the first-line production work, and the quality of life of vocational education is still a problem that restricts the development of vocational education.

Scale. He has been responsible for the long-term vocational education for vocational education in Sino-German (Shenyang), said that the effective reason for the effectiveness of BMW start model is that BMW BMW is high, and the company has large, there is enough technical worker demand support. To this end, the Sino-German Park has built a double-grade vocational school for schools and enterprises – Sino-German Academy.

This college is docked with vocational and technical school in the form of a corporate alliance. In contrast, many manufacturing companies are famous, small in size, and it is difficult to cooperate with vocational and technical schools. Fund. Shenyang City Equipment Manufacturing Engineering School is responsible for teachers with BMW Brilliance, said that BMM classes have written from the training materials to the daily teaching curriculum. They are all completed by both school enterprises and is a professional education model of school-enterprise depth fusion. Each BMW trader’s cultivation costs exceeds 100,000 yuan only by BMW.

Zhang Chunyu suggested that the government’s investment efforts, building a new model of vocational and technical education in common investment in government, school, enterprises. (Journal in "Half Month Talk" 2021, 19th).