Standardize the discussion of lawyers, painting, justice

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Standardize the discussion of lawyers, painting, justice

   Not long ago, the Chinese National Lawyers Association issued the "Rules for prohibiting violations (trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Rules"), the first time, clearly regulatory lawyers online speech, prohibiting violations of violations.

There are 13 "Rules", which clarifies the rights of lawyers to publish agents, defense, and the specific cases of lawyers and law firms, must not violate the regulations, and regular decision-making, public incidents, The issues related to the issues, the principles and boundaries, red lines, etc. should be followed, and the law firms, lawyers’ administrative responsibilities and penalties are clearly stated.

  The issuance of the Rules, for the deputy of the lawyers, law firm and the Lawyers Association, all of which provide fundamental guidelines, which are both good to safeguard the good practice of integrity and fairness, and also beneficial to create a clear, ecological Good network space, more important is to promote the overall benign development of the legal professional community, painting justice for the people of the people.

  Standardizing lawyers online speech is the meaning of consurative in the topic of law. Comprehensive promotion is the key to the rule of law.

The legal team under the leadership of the party is an important part of the legal service team. It is an important force to governing the country according to law. It is a member of the legal professional community, which is responsible for maintaining the legal rights and social fairness of the parties.

"The words and deeds are not subject to the law."

"Rules" lists the specific situations of lawyers and their law firms violating the regulations, including the uncommon "" Signature, publicin, organize online aggregation, vocabulary, etc. in recent years, "public opinion Pressure, influence cases, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The national major decision-making deployment, public incidents, and the law issues, etc. In terms of netizens for unknown truth, public opinion is misleaded by dissemination of untrue information; some in the online case propaganda, trying to launch the "public opinion trial"; some disclosure of the privacy, public attack handlers, guide Public opinion questioned judicial injustice.

The violation of the violation of the speculation is not in place, the political station is not high, the rule of law is not strong, the business quality is not strong, seriously damaging the rights and interests of the parties, damaging the judicial authority and judicial credibility, is a comprehensive promotion of the "blocking road" in the process of governing the country ".

  Standardizing lawyers online speech is the fundamental requirement of people’s position.

"Governing the country is often, and the people-oriented." The Chinese Communist Party flag has adhered to the "serving the people wholeheartedly" this Marxist basic principle, which always adheres to the people’s position, and leads the Chinese people to achieve the first hundred years of comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Goal.

As a Chinese characteristic socialist rule of law, lawyers is a professionally provided legal services for the broad masses of the people.

According to relevant laws and regulations, the business of lawyers includes the entrustment of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations to serve as a legal consultant; accepting civil cases, administrative case parties, serving agents, participating in lawsuit; accepted criminal case suspects, It provides legal advice, agents, complaints, accuses, and take care of the insurance trial, serve as defenders and other litigation and non-litigant legal services. Compared with judges, prosecutors, lawyers maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the parties in a more direct way.

Only by adhering to the people’s position, we will strive for rights and interests within the statutory, and they are abide by the professional ethics and practice discipline of lawyers. Any time spent on trying to go through the online speculation case, it is related to the behavior of comparing the judiciary, and uses public opinion. It should be resolutely abandoned.

  Standardizing lawyers online speech is the fundamental requirement for maintaining judicial justice.

Judicial is independent is the premise of judicial justice.

Lawyers must be based on the facts, as the law as the standard, within the entrusted permissions, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the principal. Only in this way, lawyers can form a benign interaction with judges, prosecutors, etc., and jointly use the functional role of maintaining social fairness and justice.

However, in recent years, there will still have a very few lawyers who hold the "Fair and Justice" flag, accept media interviews, or insults on the media platform, the case personnel, the other party, or through the disclosure of the case, the parties privacy, etc. The image of distortion, ugly case, the party, etc. The aforementioned behaviors of lawyers have seriously interfere with the judicial organs to do case independently of law, which is not conducive to maintaining judicial justice.

  The author believes that preventing lawyers from violation of the rules, we should focus on the following aspects.

  First, we must strengthen political construction.

To strengthen ideological and political work, unify thinking, consenscing consensus, guide the lawyers’ teams to always support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, support the socialist rule of law, and always adhere to the people’s lawyers to the people, adhere to the role of the socialist rule of law of Chinese characteristics, actively engage in Fully governing great practice in accordance with the law, along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Second, to standardize practicing behavior.

It is necessary to strengthen the professional ethics and practice discipline construction, improve the business quality of lawyers, and improve the practicing guarantee mechanism. On the one hand, the legitimate rights and interests of lawyers should be protected according to law, including the rights and personal rights of opinions such as agents, defense.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prevent it from affecting justice through illegal speculation.

  Third, we must carry out business competitions.

Law Firm must organize a lawyer to carry out business skill competitions, and guide the lawyers to focus on the improvement of core business skills, reach the promotion of the competition, promote the performance of the game, create better, learning, catching, super A good atmosphere, promoting the professionalizing of the lawyer team, and continuously improve the ability of lawyers’ business levels and contradiction disputes. Fourth to strengthen education guidance.

The law firm should perform management responsibilities according to law, strengthen the education guidance of the lawyers, and to prohibit the lawyers’ violations of the law by accelerating the establishment of the establishment.

Lawyers Association shall further education to guide lawyers to practice according to law.

Lawyers, law firm, lawyers, and lawyers associations that violate the Rules, to monitor management through a proactive investigation, while investigating whether the lawyers have violations of violations and feedback.

Lawyers, lawyers violate the provisions, the lawyers association shall order correct periods and give corresponding disciplinary action. Five must increase the promotion. The "Rules" is introduced, and the practice of the lawyers is both a constraint, a protection.

Law Firm, the Lawyers Association should increase the propaganda of the Rules, guiding the lawyer’s profound recognition that the case is only the "shortcut" in accordance with the law, and cannot rely on "fried" to win the lawsuit.

The behavior of illegal speculation is illegal and violated, and it is impossible to promote the role of impartial processing according to law. In order to strengthen the publicity of the Rules, you can organize collective learning, require individual self-study, write experience, and new media graphic interpretation, animation presentation, typical case release, etc., let the rules are widely spread in the whole society, It is deeply rooted in every lawyer’s heart, and the stimulating lawyers will be more beautiful for the socialist rule of law of Chinese characteristics. (Author: Hunan Provincial Senior People’s Court).