Sancha County Government Service Center: Instant office satisfies the masses

29/03/2022 作者 admin

Sancha County Government Service Center: Instant office satisfies the masses

This newspaper (Reporter Chen Dan, Li Zhuzuo) "I want to handle business business licenses, but I don’t know if my business scope involves fire protection, and I don’t know which window to find.

"Individual operators who go to the Sanyi County Government Hall are very anxious. I saw Yang Bi," ordering "service window staff in the government affairs hall, and introduced the" ordering "service of the government center Enterprise masses can enjoy the free "order" service in the government hall, and the leading cadres of the government affairs hall "on the dishes", providing instant service.

Subsequently, "ordering" service window staff helped Yang Shi to call Yang Wenyu, deputy director of the government, Yang Wenyu received the phone, and went to the phone in time, not only organized the relevant window personnel on-site policy solution, but also provided relevant business handling Process list. In 10 minutes, Yang Bao took a business license.

Since the development of the party history, Sanci County Government Center has established a practical thing for the masses, deepening the "noble service" concept. In order to create a "the fastest, the highest efficiency, the best service" government service experience, innovation has escorted "Service method, set the" order "service window in the government hall, carry out the leading cadre menu" order "service.

At present, 1867 application matters are all incorporated into the "Window" matters.

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