Shaanxi Yaozhou: Practicing the "Sanhua" concept to improve the quality of urban grassroots party building

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Shaanxi Yaozhou: Practicing the "Sanhua" concept to improve the quality of urban grassroots party building

I. Background and the 19th National Report of the Party pointed out that in order to enhance the organization, highlight political functions, build grassroots party organizations such as enterprises, rural, organs, schools, research institutes, street communities, social organizations, etc. The promotion of the party’s claim, implementing the party’s decision, leading the grassroots governance, unity and mobilizing the masses, and promoting the strong battle of the reform and development.

Yaozhou District is closely around "in-depth study and implementation of the new era of Chinese characteristics and the 19th National Spirit of the Party", which is close to the new era of urban grassroots party building requirements to enhance the organization of urban grassroots party organizations. Adhere to systematic planning, specialization promotion, branding, and comprehensively improve the quality of urban grassroots party building.

Second, main practices and effectiveness 1, systematic planning, stimulating urban grassroots party building vitality. The District Committee earnestly fulfilled the subject’s responsibility, with "visiting the public opinion, solving the people, send warmth" party flag leading to the family, using systematic thinking, longitudinally linkage, horizontal interaction, grab the urban grassroots party "a plate of chess". First, the deployment of overter, highlight the block combination. The Standing Committee of the District Committee, the District Committee, the Exhibition Committee, the leadership group will study the city grassroots party construction work, introduce relevant opinions, integrated organs, state-owned enterprises, schools, hospitals, non-public economic organizations and social organizations, etc. Party construction resources, and construct the street community party organization As a result of the regionalization party building of the party organization and party members of the jurisdiction and party members, promote the interaction between community party building, industry party building, and unit party building interconnection. The second is to make overall promotion and expand the emerging field. Take the self-investigation and improvement, observation and other measures to enhance the level of urban grassroots party construction, actively explore the party building work in emerging urban fields such as non-public economic organizations and social organizations, and continuously expand the non-public field building coverage.

At the same time, the party group service center of the district is in the service park party, and the radiation drives the surroundings, and there is a party member, the party’s organization and the party’s work, and the two coverage goals will be promoted.

The third is to ensure the guarantee, consolidate the base basis.

On the basis of implementing community party construction funds, work funds and service mass special funds, the annual financial budget is 180,000 yuan, used in the joint meeting of the city party construction, the district management party fee is more than 200,000 yuan, take the prizes City grassroots party construction for subsidies. Referring to the deputy-level leading cadre wage standard, the reward salary of the secretary of the Party Organizations was implemented.

2, specialization promotion, innovate urban grassroots governance mechanism. Organize the secretary of the community, 26 deputy secretary and town government cadres to the Hongqi community to learn exchanges, combined with Yaozhou reality, actively adapt to the new task of urban development, actively explore the "smart party building" "smart community" construction, promoting "wisdom The + Party Construction "came out of a new road with Yaozhou characteristics.

One is to highlight multiple linkage. The joint meeting system of the third-level party construction of the district, street and community, and the 105-level unit party organizations are allocated to the community according to the area, and participate in the total construction and joint construction, jointly consult each kind of practical 98, better crack the grassroots governance Weak, coordination, and slow response. Adhere to the "four social organization", integrate the resources of community, social organizations, social workers, and community volunteers, and gradually form a residential autonomous system of "community set, resident singing".

The second is to highlight fine management. Building a "Community Party Organization – Party Branch – Grid Party Group – Party Centers" as the Basic Framework’s Grid Organization Management System, divide all districts into 67 grids, will work and live in the grid party Incorporate grid management. Newly recruits 50 community nets, enriches the community power.

The liberation community innovates the "three-three mediation system" in dual network integration, and there has been no example in more than ten years, won the title of the National Model People’s Mediation Committee.

The third is highlighting red imprint.

Discover the advantages of red resource, combine the "Party Organization Life" and the spirit of promoting the gold, highlights the characteristics of Yaozhou party construction. On the eve of July 1st, the 9 communities organized party members to deeply study the "Liangjiahe" and General Secretary of Xi Jinping to reply the spirit of the Jinbei Liang Red Army Primary School, in mind the general secretary, inherit the red gene, serve the community resident. 3. Branding is created to meet the actual needs of residents. Develop service cities to develop and meet the needs of masses as the fundamental guidance of urban grassroots party construction work, focus on building three brands of party building, service, cultural, and enhance urban development by the party’s grassroots.

First, deepen the integrated party building brand.

Instruct the Community Party Organization and Community Signed the Community to Signify the Agreement, Promoting Unit and Community Organization Integration, Integration, Integration, Formation with "Integration Idea, Open Type, Institutional Operation, Multi-level Interaction, Full Area Participation, regionalization "" Integration "party building brand, combined with the first Thursday," Life Day "per month, and integrates the party’s construction and community governance.

The second is to enhance the volunteer service brand.

Based on the "service-type party organization" construction and party volunteer service, improve party members commitment and integral system, guide 1950 people to take the initiative to regulate service positions, carry out more than 260 volunteer activities.

In the event of "party members into the community," the party members are collecting, claimed, and fulfilling 350 "mentally".

The Neighboring Community won the honorary title of "Shaanxi Volunteer Community", Tampo Community won the honorary title of "Tongchuan Excellent Volunteer Service Community". The third is to innovate neighborhood cultural brands. Carry out neighborhood cultural creation activities such as "Harmony Courtyard, Mutual Court, Happy Court, Unity Ages", guide community residents to go out of home, communicate with neighborhoods, more exchanges, let community residents experience "into the house, do you, go out The neighborhood of the harmony of the University, forming "a family help" near neighbor relationship, enhances the identity and pride between the neighbors.

Third, experience and inspiration After more than a year, the quality of the city grassroots party building in Yaozhou District has been further improved, and the concept of co-construction and sharing and sharing is deeply rooted. Branding fine service is recognized by the masses, the party builds red imprint Distinctive features. Feeling in practice exploration, we must do a good job in urban grassroots party construction must be based on the actual, and have a characteristic.

First, the system planning is the fundamental guarantee for the construction of urban grassroots party construction.

City Party Construction To build a regionalized parties to participate in the street community party organization and party organizations and party members, we must give full play to the coordination of party organizations at all levels, launch the units, party organizations, and party members to participate in the city party building. Work can we maximize the organization to build, resource sharing, and active distribution.

Yaozhou District Committee has always adhered to the construction of urban grassroots party as a "one hand" project, adhere to the arbitration of secretary, grasping secretary, grabbing first level, laying, and promoting the community building, industry party building, and unit party building interconnection interaction.

He has introduced the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Party Organization of the Organization and Community" and Community Party Organizations in the Community "," About the Implementation Plan of the Interior, Street, Community Joint Conference "and other documents, guidance Urban grassroots party construction; at the same time, a semi-urban-level city-party joint consultation meeting is held every half year, informing the construction of urban grassroots party construction work, summarizing new experience, new practices, analyzing new issues, explores new laws, and solving new contradictions. Second, the feature promotion is an effective way to do a good job in urban grassroots party construction work.

City grassroots party building is not only the construction of urban grassroots party organizations, not only the community party building, but must be treated and promoted in a broader idea to promote urban grassroots party building. Yaozhou District has always used the city’s party building as a whole, specialized to create, highlight multi-link, fine management, red imprint, promoting the integration of party organizations, resource integration, and party building in the community jurisdiction, and constructing a urban regionalization party building. Pay attention to party construction and red resource integration, give full play to Yaozhou red resources advantages, combined with General Secretary to give the Jinbei Red Army Primary School Repuxing Spirit, deep excavation of gold spiritual connotation, and build a red city party building with Yaozhou characteristics.

Third, the brand creation is an important means of doing a good job in the construction of urban grassroots. Cut the party construction work under the new situation, need to in-depth research in the new situation in the party construction work, actively broaden the ideas, explore innovation, and do pace with the times.

Yaozhou District Committee adheres to establishing brand awareness, integrating party organizations into all aspects of urban construction, building integration, service types, and neighborhood party construction brands, doing "micro-service", makes service work fine, precise, exquisite, satisfied Multi-level, diverse needs of the community party members, and use the "micro service" in the community to build a "big pattern" in the city grassroots party.

(Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).