Tongcheng was approved to become China’s 138th National Historical and Cultural City

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Tongcheng was approved to become China’s 138th National Historical and Cultural City

  On November 12th, the Chinese government network released the State Council "About the agreement of Tongcheng City as a national historical and cultural city", Tongcheng officially approved the 138th National History and Cultural Cities in China.

    The picture shows Tongcheng City Overlooking Tongcheng City, "Tongcheng Division", Tongcheng City since Tang Dynasty (757 AD), with Tongcheng County, from now on, is more than 1200 years of construction. The city’s historical and cultural city resources are very rich, and the value is unique. The city has four pieces of Historical and Cultural Street, Anhui Province (Dongda Street, South Street, Shengli Street, North Street); has been published in 206 historic buildings, 506 non-moving artifacts, and 71 non-left.

    The picture shows that the Tongcheng Temple is worth mentioning. Tongcheng economically developed, cultural prosperity, emergency, exquisite, and Yao Wei, etc. More than 200 years of "Tongchengpai" in the literary altar, there were more than 1,200 writers, and it was peak in the history of Chinese cultural history. The picture shows that the old ancient city of Confucius, in recent years, Tongcheng continues to promote the protection and utilization of historical and cultural cities, introduced "Tongcheng Historical and Cultural Street and Historical Architecture Protection Regulations", arranged 20 million yuan or more special protection funds for history The environmental remediation of the urban area, the renovation of the history and cultural street infrastructure renovation, the use of cultural relics and historical buildings, which have been accumulated in the RMB government funds. The picture shows the six-foot Lane Rongshi Square in the process of the famous city protection, Tongcheng pays attention to starting from a bit. Tagging the important landscape pattern and historical environment elements of Tongcheng by establishing an identification, sign, ancient city map, etc.

Protect ancient city city pattern and historical environment elements, highlight the unique space environment of the ancient city back the mountain water and "Turtle City".

Strictly control the construction height and historical street movement in the core protected area of ??the ancient city and historical district.

    The picture shows Tongcheng Ancient City Turtle Town Pool Pattern, Tongcheng City Historical Street Lane is in good condition, the texture of the texture is complete, and the historical building is concentrated. This millennium ancient city is a step forward, and the history and cultural street protection and the human environment improvement is better.