The programmer self-edited code steals the company’s money to be captured and the auxiliary police finally punish

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The programmer self-edited code steals the company’s money to be captured and the auxiliary police finally punish

  Zhongxin Net Hangzhou November 18th (Guo Qi) After Ma Mao, he still grasped the account information of the original company, using the technical expertise to steal the company’s funds, and facing the police arrested fierce resistance, bitten the auxiliary police.

The reporter learned from the People’s Procuratorate, Zhejiang Province, Linping District, Zhejiang Province, and the defendant, the defendant of the hospital, hinding the official case and judgment, Ma was sentenced to four years, and fined. Born in the 1990 University University’s undergraduate degree is a programmer.

In August 2018, Ma was inquiry Hangzhou A Network Technology Co., Ltd., served as a software technical expert, responsible for the development and maintenance of platform systems. In January 2020, Ma was told by the company.

I haven’t worked, and I’m not satisfied with the company’s compensation. Ma will post the thought of "old things": "Write the code to transfer the company to his account, the average person can’t find it, I have a sense of accomplishment.

"During the project test, Ma Mou once analog shipping claims, writing code to transfer the money on the company into a personal account, so Ma has mastered the source code of the company system, this code also contains company WeChat merchants. The key and digital password of the number.

  According to the regulations, the company’s code must be confidential when leaving the company, and withdraws from the company account, Ma has not obedified the provision. He found the source code saved on a private computer, and writes a piece of code that can be transferred to the WeChat account, and set this code timing to transfer hundreds of WeChat accounts every time. Yuan.

  After investigation, Macou secretly transferred 553 yuan to its own account through the above manner, with a total of more than 21,000 yuan. On the evening of March 11, 2021, the public security police, the auxiliary police came to the door of Ma Mou, arresting it.

After showing the police officer’s certificate and the evidence certificate, Ma is not cooperating with the police law enforcement, and struggling, trying to escape, and bite the left side of an auxiliary police in the process of resistance, constitute a slight injury.

  After returning, Ma is convinced by the crime, voluntarily pleading, and full of the loss of the network technology company. The prosecutor believes that Ma Mou is illegally possessed, and the secret stealing the property of others, the amount is huge, and the crime constitutes the crime of theft; the violent approach hinders the national organ staff to implement the task according to law, and constitute a crime of obstructing official crime. In the final court, he tried to judge the crime of theft, hind the official crime, two sin and punished, and decided to implement a period of four or two months in prison, and fined.

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