State Grid Electric Power [Tibet] altitude 5231 meters of "the first passage class" spend a large electricity network

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State Grid Electric Power [Tibet] altitude 5231 meters of "the first passage class" spend a large electricity network

  "Transmission success, everything is normal!" November 20, with the 35 kVA line post closing succeed, at an altitude of 5231 meters of Nagqu in Tibet Tanggula "the first class road," the official access to a more secure and stable the national grid.

  It is understood that, "the first class road" that the Qinghai-Tibet Highway 109 maintenance point, is the highest elevation in the world class road, where cold and oxygen, bad environment, the annual average temperature of minus 15 ℃, reach minus 40 ℃, the coldest air only 40% of oxygen at sea level, over 120 days a year blade 8 winds. Since the 1950’s, it has been guarded for generations Road class workers at an altitude of 5231 meters of Tanggula to ensure the safe and smooth sections of the highest altitude Qinghai-Tibet Highway. According to the "world first class road" monitor the permanent charge Dajie introduced, said Ban existing 44 workers stationed year-round, with seven large machinery, the Qinghai-Tibet highway maintenance equipment is equipped with the most road classes.

So far from the surrounding townships and beyond the scope of the power grid, the previous high power mode operation and maintenance costs and the current on and off, said class work and living areas electricity is difficult to effectively protect, looking forward to spend big electricity network has become the Road class workers heart event. State Grid Electric Power Co., Ltd. Party attaches great importance to Tibet, "the first class road" electricity problem, after learning of the situation, the national electricity network Tibet rapid mobilization and deployment, power grid construction co-ordinate the timing and resource allocation, decided to set up a class for the Road 10 kilovolt power lines, Road class workers as soon as possible to solve the electricity problems of daily life, to ensure the party history study and education achievements into practical things for the masses, constantly improve people get a sense of well-being and sense of security.

The depth of winter approaching, Road class workers face fervent hope electricity demand, territorial supply unit – State Grid Power Company Nagqu lottery elite forces and the snow depth technical backbone of several on-site research, project promotion held several coordination meetings, project-related emergency deployment materials, which lasted two months successfully completed the task of building construction. Engineering construction, the actual situation in the area all year round in the tundra, large winter construction difficulty, owners of the project department actively strengthen communication and road class, day and night more than 20 days, braving the cold arctic environment and bestial howling winds of more than 8 weather, ahead of the completion of 128 base pole group legislature, the deployment of 13 tons of iron work accessories, on November 12 to ensure the project with acceptance conditions for the smooth operation of the project has won valuable time. "To say bitter not bitter, really bitter, but this is our job, no matter how tough they have to do. And road heroes ratio, and protect passers-perennial stick than what we eat really bitter!" Project Manager State Grid power company employees Caiwang Nagqu Lhundup said that due to the construction site about 70 km from the nearest town, for this project the Ministry of reasonable co-ordination of resources, emergency deployment of more than 20 construction workers from other projects in the construction process, purchase large quantities of lighting equipment and protective equipment, such as instant noodles and mustard.

  "Working in ‘prohibited area of life’, arctic construction environment in the body is prone to overdraft phenomenon, but for the Road class workers feel safe in using electricity as soon as possible, but also make the vehicles safe a little more protection, then hard work is worth it. "State Grid power company Nagqu group of cadres Chiun representation. Morning, cold wind, watching the "world first class road" piece of the room lights lit, the squad leader never charge Dajie hold on tightly to the hand trembling sound of construction workers want to express gratitude, but it also says a word It does not come out, only wrinkled his face breaking into a smile of joy. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.