Refresh the "industrial look" and create more "single champion"

25/04/2022 作者 admin

Refresh the "industrial look" and create more "single champion"

There are champions in the Olympic Games, and there are also in China’s manufacturing industry.

Recently, the concrete pump truck of Zhonglian Branch Co., Ltd., the sintering equipment of Hunan Zhongsi Changtian Zhongshi Technology Co., Ltd. and the isolation of the Hunan Changhe High-pressure Switch Co., Ltd. were selected "National Manufacturing Single Champion" .

The "National Manufacturing Single Champion" has a very high supply, is known as the pearl of the manufacturing crown.

The three Xiangsheng enterprises were elected "Single Champion" and mapped the bottom gas and strength of "flying" research innovation in Hunan. Walking the road of "special spirit", cultivating the "small giant" "Little Giant" in the industry, breaking through the "card neck" project in the frontier field, is both the way of self-growth, and is also the foundation of the national manufacturing industry. Benefits. "When you are weak, no one wants to sell technology, today you have developed, no one wants to sell technology to you … how can people use the core technology when ‘Ding Haimen’s Needle’ is not two | how can I provide you? "I will answer the" Innovation of General Secretary General ", and must firmly take independent innovation.

A few days ago, Huawei established the five major legions, and the "no way to retreat is the road to win", and again explain the importance of compliance in the hand again. With the "fine" of many small and medium-sized enterprises, the "God" of the rejuvenation of the economy transformation, Hunan is steadily walking on the "soul" of the manufacturing industry in recent years.

Since 2017, the "small giant" enterprise cultivation plan is launched, and the "small giant" enterprises have written to the provincial government work in five consecutive years, and then to hold the Science and Technology Innovation Awards [Hunan to create a good water, raise well. The healthy ecology of fish is intended to create a high quality development of manufacturing.

Guojiao Microelectronics Co., Ltd., focus on "core" main business, hard work skill, fill a number of domestic blanks; Hunan Long Haoqi Switch Co., Ltd., small accessories contain high-tech, successfully captured "single champion".

A batch of "remember to live, called the sound, and go out" is standing out.

Capture the "single champion" is a beautiful scenery in the technology innovation. Really become a "single champion" or "supporting expert" that is unique, "for most Xiang Enterprises, there is still a long way to go. "Digital technology is the key to grab the new trend of scientific and technological revolutions", to focus on key basic technologies and products in key industrial chains, promote data chain linkage. I believe that with the "champion" and "champion" on the market and the "screwdrivers" of the industry, the "industrial look" in our province will become higher and higher, a group of focus on the market, strong innovation, high market share , "Small giants" enterprises that master key core technologies and quality, will also emerge in Sanxiang, the spring bamboo shoots.