Root curration of winter special action

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Root curration of winter special action

Original title: Root curration Winter Special Action Begins Xinhua News Agency Beijing November 2 (Reporter Jiang Lin) The State Council’s Relute Rolling Group Office issued the "Notice on Carrying out Special Action of Radical Warm Warm" and decided From January 1 to 2022, 2022, the project construction is focused on the construction of the project construction and other owned issues in the construction industry.

  The notice requires that the question of the survival of the survival should be completed before the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival, so that the wages of the wages you should get in time to return to the year, ensuring that major groupual events or viciousness caused by banks Extreme events, maintain social harmony and stability. Notice, each region should adhere to early prevention, premature investment, early resolution, combined with the characteristics of the residual situation in the region, focus on key industries, key industries, key enterprises, key projects, and early development of hidden dangers. Strengthen the payment of warning monitoring and intelligence supervision, combined with the business situation, corporate credit rating evaluation and historical arrears report complaints, precise touch.

For the risk hazards found, the classification is accurate, the strengthening department is associated, calibrated, stares, and prevents "fermentation" from hidden dangers. For enterprises and projects that have been excluded risks, "look back", continue to pay attention, dynamic supervision, and prevent problems relapse.

  The notice emphasizes that all regions and related members should further smoothly sell the green channel to ensure that the arrears will come quickly.

  For the paid clues, strictly implement the first question responsibility system, doing a piece of parts, everything has echo.

Complex doubt that is difficult to resolve in the grassroots level, the way of leading the package will be taken.

The major arrears involved in the number of people, the amount is large, causing a certain social impact, leading the team office to set up a task force, listing, and check it.

For government projects, state-owned enterprises projects, strict investigation of system implementation, implementation of responsibilities, and conduct in a timely manner, and implement a case of investigation, warning the effect. The leadership team of the root in all regions arrears the wage work of the migrant workers should strengthen the coordination and ensure that the arrears can receive and effectively dispose of it. Strengthen the inspection of the implementation of various salary payment systems in the field of engineering construction, ordered to rectify illegal activities within a time limit, urged the enterprise to perform legal obligations, and not changed within the time limit. For the provisions, the relevant unit financial accounts and related parties are inquiry according to the law, and the vehicle situation is inquiry, and the judicial organs will be transferred to the judicial organs in accordance with the law. Be held criminally responsible. For the conditions of the "blacklist", it should be exposed, and the relevant departments will be exposed, and the relevant departments will carry out uninform discipline, so that the arrears are illegal, and the law is limited. "

  For the "implementation of the" implementation of the "implementation of the" implementation of the money ruling, the leadership of the river wage work, the leading group of the migrant workers should be coordinated to coordinate the implementation of the intensive implementation activities of the aspects, and the ruling decision is implemented.

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