Shunde released the safety of the scenic spots

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Shunde released the safety of the scenic spots

  This year, the Changlu tourist Huobo is full of popularity during the National Day. (Scenic for map) to strengthen the safety, food safety management of scenic spots, food safety management, reduce risks, food safety risks, enhance the service level of the scenic spot and visitors, promote the healthy development of tourism industry, October 15th, "Scenic special equipment Safety All Chain Risk Control Specification "and" Scenic Food Safety Control Standards "two group standards were officially released in Lunjiao Street, Shunde District, Foshan City, which is still the first in the country.

  Chang Lu Tourism Houbo Park, OCT Joy Coast … The tourist scenic spot serves as "the world’s food" Shunde’s "sucking gold stone", and the special equipment and food safety of the park are widely concerned from all walks of life. According to the data, there are currently 8 large-scale amusement facilities in Shunde District. In 75 large-scale amusement facilities, there are 230 food business units in the main scenic spots in the district, including more than 130 catering services. Combined with the practice experience of special equipment safety and food safety management in the jurisdiction, the Lunjia Street market supervision department proposed and led to organize the drafting of "Scenic Spot Special Equipment Safety Control Code" "Scenic Food Safety All Chain Risk Control Standards" Group standard. It is understood that the standard preparation works in March 2021, government departments, scenic spots, testing agencies, industry experts, industry associations multi-party depth participation, lanes nearly 7 months, discussion, comment on opinions, expert review, in China Two groups of groups of "Special Equipment Safety Control of Special Equipment Safety" and "Full Chain Risk Control of Scenic Area Food Safety".

  It is understood that these two groups have fully integrated the specific requirements of the national and local local laws, regulations, safety regulations, such as special equipment and food safety supervision and management, from special equipment operation risk management Starting with all key nodes of food safety, formulate the refinement specification, string from the full-chain risk control safety line of special equipment and food safety. Both group criteria have introduced the concept of social joints. It is clearly written in the "Elevator Safety Terrace" "Shunde District Market Supervision Social Treatment Information Platform" to enter, upload, update and safe. Management related information, realize security information, department online supervision, tourists scan code can be checked.

  "Implementation group standards can steadily improve the informationization, intelligent levels of special equipment safety and food safety supervision, gradually achieve intelligent precision forecast, risk prevention, hidden dangers and other functions, ensure safe operation and food safety operation of the scenic spot special equipment.

"Yangxi, deputy director of the Shunde District Market Supervision Bureau.

  As one of the participating units of group standards, Guangdong Changlu Tourism Houbo Garden said that on the one hand, it is used in standard writing work in terms of special equipment safety and food safety management, and also implemented group standards as a pilot unit. Item specification requirements, field inspection of the feasibility and practicality of the two groups. "These two group standards, equivalent to the ‘Safety Guide" that is built into the attractions, and we don’t have to query a variety of institutions, management efficiency and professionalism have improved significantly. "Changlu tourism Houbo Garden Project Wang Shaimin, Director said.

  According to statistics, from January to September 2021, the Changlu Tourism Houbo Park received nearly 2 million tourists, and there were 150,000 people in the Golden Period of the National Day Golden Period, and the sales of scenic spots were steadily rising. Safety zero complaints zero accidents, the safety of tourists is fully guaranteed, and the application of group standards has also been strongly verified. (All media reporter Wang Ning correspondent Lun Xuan).