Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau solidly promoted "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

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Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau solidly promoted "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

In order to further promote the second batch of education and rectification of the smuggling team, Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau put "I do practical things for the masses" as an education and rectification of work, measures, and listen to the people’s feelings, listen to people, and understand the people. Continuously enhance the feelings, happiness and sense of security of the broad masses of the people. The security of the security of the security of the security of the Tianjin Customs Anti-China Bureau resolutely implemented the overall national security concept, continuously strengthened communication with the Binhai New Area, and the director of Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau, Sun Xudong and Binhai New District smuggled leading group leader, Binhai New District Deputy District Yin Xiaofeng Participate in smuggling publicity month activities and coastal smuggling politicism promotion ceremony. Visit the public security coastal safety and defending Corps, the god hall, and see the construction of coastal smuggling monitoring system.

The establishment of the topic group, surrounded by the non-customized control situation for 4 months of research, 10 regions, 46 non-custom-cleared docks, and the situation is clear.

Persist in law enforcement is the people’s concept, and fully organize special actions against smuggling. As of the end of September, 99 cases were criminalized, and the tax paid was 210.76 million yuan.

The administrative general case will be 350 cases, and the tax payment is 52.67 million yuan, and the penalty has not been incorporated by 90.31 million yuan. Strictly crack down on agricultural products, "foreign garbage", drugs, endangered wild animals, "foreign garbage", drugs, endangered wild animals and products, and strive to build "fight, control, management, control" governance system, and earnestly safeguard national interests, national security and social stability, and protect people. The legitimate rights and interests of the masses’ lives and health and law-abiding enterprises.

Solution to improve the effectiveness of Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau to highlight the mass of the case, the problem of high cases of the case, the long-term handling period, etc. Efficiency, and at the same time, in the first-line department, the Administrative case material template QR code "is implemented, and the administrative case is implemented one-time info, and strives to make the people feel fairness justice in every case. Adhere to the delivery of the door, carry out the "law propaganda into enterprises" activities. Invited 14 companies, including China Petrochemical Fuel Oil Sales Co., Ltd., and 14 companies in Tianjin, China Sea Petroleum (China) Co., Ltd., To visit Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling bureau to visit and participate in the law.

Timely understand the number of brothers and import and export enterprises, crack the law enforcement problem. Visit Tianjin Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Binhai New District Public Security Bureau, Binhai New Area People’s Procuratorate and other units, introduced smuggling work, strengthening information sharing, and promotes policies and regulations to the enterprise. Contacting a number of customs clearance companies, seeking suggestions on issues such as optimizing procedures, cargo disposal involving them.

Signed the "Cooperative Memorandum" and jointly crack down on foreign exchange capital violations and smuggling criminal activities.

Strong management of Guangguang Propaganda Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau adopted the combination of online lines to carry out the publicity activities.

Inline, organized to hold solid waste retreat and "" anti-drug propaganda and other special press conferences. Carry out "Pu law promotion into the campus, enter the community" series activities, in the national security education day, international children’s festival and international anti-drug day, into Tianjin University, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, Tianjin First Middle School and Tianjin Hexi District Delicai community, etc., explain to the teachers and students, community children and the majority of residents to explain the national door safety, smuggling regulations, anti-drug knowledge, and on-site training, two anti-drug dogs are checked, and the personnel check the subject display. In the city, the city is led to the anti-smuggling comprehensive management of law, the publicity month activities, the next 10000 volume brochures, 200 propaganda banners and 1000 publicity posters, set off anti-smuggling promotion boom.

Online, create anti-smuggling "Daily Topic Column" to answer the issue of tax-free, purchasing, etc.

In the future, Tianjin Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau will continue to strengthen public servant awareness and serve the people’s feelings, based on the private position of the private job, continue to carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the people", so that the people feel new changes brought about by education. , New weather and new results. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.