Shanghai Take Measures to further promote IPv6-scale deployment and application

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Shanghai Take Measures to further promote IPv6-scale deployment and application

Shanghai-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important concept of network power, earnestly implement the central network in the letter do about work arrangements, according to "Internet Protocol version 6 on accelerating the notice (IPv6) scale deployment and application of work" and other documents required from policy guidance, monitoring the briefing, research, service assurance, and other innovative applications Duocuobingju, continue to promote the city’s scale IPv6 deployment and application to achieve tangible results.

Municipal net letter Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Commission by letter, Municipal Communications Administration jointly issued in accordance with the "overall planning" Shanghai to promote Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) scale deployment of three-year action plan (2020-2022 years) ", breakthroughs in key areas, government guidance, enterprise-led, innovation and development, to protect the safety, pragmatic, benefit people’s livelihood "principle, the full scale deployment of IPv6 start from the basis of four areas of network transformation, application services upgrades, network security, technological and industrial development.

Study and formulate the "Notice on IPv6 deployment process to expedite the implementation of the" "upgrade notification on accelerating the mobile Internet application (App) IPv6" and other documents, refined portal and mobile Internet applications transformation of the indicator, clear time node and assessment criteria, efforts to promote the upgrading of the application side to tackle tough. Research launched the "Shanghai to further promote IPv6 deployment, and scale applications in 2021 the organization of work" "on accelerating the city’s Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) notify scale deployment and application work (2021-2025 years)", to promote synergy IPv6 scale deployment of the main line, the typical application transformation and application of innovative features as the main direction, based on a new phase of IPv6 deployment, to further improve application service levels, to promote IPv6 deployment scale and easy to use application can be used to move from.

Tease out the 500 focus of the site and 50 mainstream mobile Internet application (App), the use of corporate reporting, platform monitoring, laboratory evaluation and other forms of IPv6 support regularly carry out independent monitoring, monitoring results briefing to the city’s nearly 400 departments and units, by "net letter Shanghai" micro-channel public number announced IPv6 support cases related applications.

At the same time, in conjunction with the Central Information Office network monitoring key areas TOP100 websites and mobile applications (App), and promptly inform their possessions to the relevant departments and units to form a pressure transmission, compression compaction responsibility to ensure that the deployment schedule field hysteresis complete the transformation.

For crux of the problem found in monitoring, timely organize the relevant departments, CDN vendors, basic telecom operators, the deployment of advance units held a special meeting, to carry out consultation to find countermeasures, clear and specific deployment initiatives, the cumulative supervision related fields more than 130 units.

For possession of more than 10 Internet companies, cloud service providers, etc. to carry out field research, accurate knowledge of the enterprise IPv6 deployment costs, rehabilitation programs, human input, transformation period and so real, to listen to the demands of corporate and difficulties, difficulties blocking aiming point, precise force, padded short board. Close communication and cooperation with China ICT Academy, the National Internet Emergency Response Center Shanghai Branch and other units to strengthen the national IPv6 development monitoring platform detection mechanism to study and master the detection method, effectively rely on and integrate Shanghai local technology, strengthen government-enterprise interaction, as deployment to provide strong technical support. For the deployment of the unit weak technology and other outstanding issues, sub-area organized technical training, experience exchange, special guidance will invite experts in related fields to portals and mobile Internet Application of the technology path, IPv6-related cloud services features, IPv6 network security means of protection and so on technical training, a total of more than 150 units over more than 200 personnel to participate in training.

Public Information, for the party and government organs, municipal state-owned enterprises, media, medical institutions, educational institutions, financial companies and other key areas 500 sites and 50 mainstream mobile Internet applications provide 7×24 hours normalization of counseling and testing services, timely response to each party inquiry, coordinate and solve common problems in general, a good "waiter."

Strengthen publicity and promotion, and actively carry out the size of IPv6 deployment and application case collection, IPv6 technology innovation and application integration pilot work to continuously improve social awareness and perception, create a thick atmosphere all forces to actively participate scale deployment. The depth of excavation IPv6-scale deployment potential and promote the basic telecom enterprises to strengthen research on SRv6, network slice, with the flow detection, new and multicast "IPv6 +" innovative technology, explore based on "IPv6 +" innovative technology for network traffic in real-time to open the flow of resources and flexible scheduling , the individual needs to achieve open, fine-aware network operation and maintenance of the new network service system.

Foster innovation and industrial ecology, and guide enterprises to gradually use "IPv6 +" technologies, innovative applications to improve network development needs, and enhance industrial development of endogenous motivation in innovation and transformation 5GtoB, the Internet industry. Polymerization industrial advantages of resources, the establishment of "IPv6 +" Joint Innovation Center, organized by "IPv6 +" Creative City Forum, open up the knowledge – technology – barrier and link between the industry and strengthen "IPv6 +" innovative application of research and promotion, enabling thousands of lines of all trades digital transformation.