Taiwan military plans to buy 6 E to the United States

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Taiwan military plans to buy 6 E to the United States

E-2D Hawk eye warning machine. (Excerpted from the US Navy official website) According to the Taiwan military military news source, the "DefenseReViewTalks" DRTS, which is routine, Taiwan, will be debuted this week, and the deputy director of the Taiwan authorities deputy director, the leader, has Go to the United States before receiving. It is understood that the Taiwan-US National Defense Policy Conference has been in the same year, mainly to talk about the topics such as military sales. Tai Chi is in Taiwan’s safety, foreign exchange, and defense and other fields. Every year, there are rhetoric official dialogues, including military security conferences, "MontereteTalks, DefenseReviewTalks," US Taiwan " Political Military Dialogue, as well as the Taiwan Miginal talks, also known as "special channel interview", etc., Taimei attendees are safe, defense and foreign-related decision-making officials.

However, for the specific details of the relevant interaction interaction, based on the mutual trust and interaction formula, the external foreign language department indicates inconvenient to disclosure.

As for the long-term payment of Taiwan military expert Mei Qixing, Taiwan’s military expert Mei Qixing pointed out in Facebook, this "Defense Review Talk", Taiwan may strive to purchase 6 E-2D "Advanced Eagle" early warning machine, the "combat demand "It has passed the Taiwan Defense Department this summer, and the current stage of review is currently in the examination.

Military officials do not have comments, but the military internal officials revealed that the purchase of E-2D early warning machines per frame is about 10 billion yuan, whether it should be included in the priority purchase, the internal views are different. Source: Taiwan "China Times" Editor: Qiu Mengying.