There is a new green development

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There is a new green development

With the constraint of resource energy, carbon-backed carbon and reverse mechanism, and the continuous advancement of new round of technology revolution, industrial change and artificial intelligence technology, high-end, intelligent, green, become basic building materials transformation majority direction. For example, Guizhou Xingda Xingshi Co., Ltd., Bijie Shengqi Gaochu Building Materials Co., Ltd., etc. The concrete industry is upgraded from "manufacturing" to "智 造". Another example is Guizhou Anka Industrial Co., Ltd., effectively dispose of pollution of waste gas, wastewater, noise, waste stone, tail generated by the production process, and realizes zero emissions.

These companies are only the epitome of the new building materials in Guizhou Province in the green transition.

In 2020, the province’s cement enterprises completed 100-day stop kiln programs in accordance with the wrong peak production program, and a total of 1.94 million tons of coal, 14.87 million tons of carbon dioxide, tens of sulfur dioxide emissions, diamond emissions, dust emissions Tens of tons.

14 built cement kiln collaboratively disposed of 4,050 tons of garbage in the daily treatment line, the processing capacity ranked first in the country, and the city’s domestic garbage (containing sludge) was 800,000 tons.

Guizhou took the lead in becoming the unique cement kiln in China, a pilot province, a province, a province of life.

The whole industry has been integrated with large-scale solid waste throughout the year. 8 companies were included in the natural resource Green Mining Enterprise Announcement, and 7 companies were included in the first batch of green exploration demonstration projects.

"Guizhou Province Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization (Building Materials) Engineering Technology Research Center" Green is the background color of Guizhou.

In Guizhou, in the process of promoting new building materials, it promotes the green transformation of each link such as mining, production, and recycling.

Expand the integrated utilization of large solid waste in new building materials production.

Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, doing squeezes and turns waste into treasure.

It can be seen that the green development of new building materials in Guizhou has covered the whole industry.

Last year, the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government has introduced "Guidance Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Finished Products". The new requirements will inevitably bring huge reality and potential demand for the transformation and upgrading of new building materials industry. The new building materials industry represented by green building materials will welcome Come new development opportunities.

At the same time, as the country vigorously promotes green buildings and assemblies, it will also bring space for energy-saving and environmentally friendly green building materials, new materials and new homes.

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