Shanghai University students walked into "Liang Liangshan" and explored the local "road road"

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Shanghai University students walked into "Liang Liangshan" and explored the local "road road"

In the early stage of the survey, students have learned a large amount of information by retrieving a large amount of information, and the comprehensive reform situation of grassroots medical care in Yunnan Province.

They found that in terms of medical insurance and basic drug system, Yunnan Province made the guarantee border of medical insurance at the end of 2020 and rationally finalized the treatment standards, establish a balance mechanism for medical insurance fund adjustment, and actively promoted medical insurance payment methods.

Among them, Ningxian County seized the opportunity of the reform of Chinese medicine hospitals, strengthening hospital management, improving the diagnosis and treatment environment, optimizing the diagnosis and treatment process, strengthening medical quality and service level, and continuously expanding business scope, and give full play to the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine.

The Chinese Medicine System developed by the system and the mating of the people has got the trust of the people, which greatly promoted the benign operation of the grading diagnosis and treatment system.

The so-called parents’ parents, through the establishment of performance salary, professional title training, etc. This research important "field point" (which is commonly known as "Liang Liangshan") is a special county that "one step across the millennium" directly transition to the socialist society.

The students visited the Ningxian County People’s Hospital, Ningxian County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Ningxian County Hospital, and the health center in the county. Through the form of symposium and interviews, there is a preliminary understanding of local medical reform results. : Humanity, labor, grading diagnosis and treatment system implements the problem, performance appraisal "embarrassment" and low use rate of technical equipment … During the investigation process, team members learned some of the difficulties encountered in grassroots medical reforms in the county . In the in-depth field investigation and writing thick research reports, the students of the Society have truly combined professional and social demand, and they are used to know and know one. The first stop of the student research on the road is the Ningxian County People’s Hospital and the Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Here, everyone has to listen to a symposium of dean, vice president, and related employees, and has a preliminary understanding of the effectiveness of local reform.