Shengli Oilfield Pure Beam Oil Production Plant: "Small Water Ditch"

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Shengli Oilfield Pure Beam Oil Production Plant: "Small Water Ditch"

The small watergou is removed from the Golden Beans Victory Oilfield, the pure beam applet oil, Liangjiapu oilfield, Sha Sanzhong non-main layer, the new breakthrough on July 28, the pure beam apparatus is more obliquely in the beam 38 deployed by the beam 38 non-main layer. 38 update wells, still maintaining 10 tons of yet after more than two months. The well was completed in April this year, and the oil layer was drilled. On May 10, there was 11 tons of oil after entering production. At the same time, the rolling exploration of Sha Sa Sazhong in Liangjia Tower in Oilfield was more clear from searching for the transformation of the chase chassis transition in the closure of the fault zone.

Liangjiadou Oilfield is the earliest oil field of Pure Liangjing oil, experienced an exploration and development of nearly 60 years, and the pure beam apparatus also named the development of Liangjialou oilfield. Among them, the petroleum geological reserves of Petroleum geological reserves have been explored by 32 million tons, mainly in the middle and highly infiltrated breeze reservoirs. The beam 38 is located in the middle of the Liangjiapi Oilfield, which is the main oil-containing block of the oil field.

After years of water injection development, there are problems such as fixed-line flow lines and contradiction between the oil and water wells. At present, the extent of 38 pieces of beam has reached%, and the comprehensive water%, and the harvest is very difficult. Department of Geological Research, Geological Research Institute, introduced by Chen Quanteng, director of the Geological Studio. The old oil field is almost squeezed, how much potential is there, how to develop more efficiently? This year, the pure beam factory implemented the new strategy of the old district, namely the research of the rich oil band, found a new block around the old block, combined with the new reserves to improve the old block, improve the discovery rate of high quality reserves and the use of the old block .

On the exploration and development topographic map of Liangjiapi oil field, you can see the middle of the Liangjia Tower Oilfield. At present, more than 100 port wells have been deployed and developed on a fan-shaped extension block, the current average Well production ton, this sector break is like a river that has been dried water.

Since the river is hard to have new breakthroughs can turn the eye to the small groove outside the river? The technicians face the status quo of residual oil in this area, and the degree of water flooding is high. In-depth geological studies, through summary deposition law, fine small layer contrast, breakthrough in the past, the absolute concept of the Shanda Middle School of Liangjia Building, think of the early days The deposited non-main layer is affected by the indignulatory environment of the ancient appearance and hydrodynamic. There is a collapse of the collapse of the filled, the sand body is discontinuous, the plane change is fast, and the conditions of the development of the rock zone, the outside of the river The ditch is a great potential area.

Through fine studies, the technicians find that the eastern non-main layer 5, 6 small layers of the beam of 38 pieces of the beam is low, and the degree of use is low, which has the potential to dig.

In January of this year, they deployed a mouthful of 38 wells in the area in the district, and the wellbore also explored non-main layer oil.

After the well diamonds, drilling the small layer rice oil layer of Sam 3, on May 10th, and it is still maintained at a level of 10 tons of yet, and the water is 16%.

Concept turned around.

Immediately, the potential of non-main layers is excavated, and they are deployed in 38 wells in Liang, which is expected to be newly established. This year, we will continue to strengthen the deposition microfearing of the Non-main single sand body of Sha Shanzhong, Liangjia Tower, and continue to establish an oil and gas accumulation model, and continue to the eastern Liang 51 well area and Western Liang 20 well. The non-main sand body is developing fine research and strives to discover more high quality reserves. Chen Quanteng introduced.

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