The iron army is responsible for the iron case

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The iron army is responsible for the iron case

During the political responsibility of the Party, the "two maintenance" major political responsibilities of the Parties, in accordance with the "two maintenance" of the iron case, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has established a case trial room, which clarifies the case trial system to strengthen the facts and evidence of cases. Review, improve the internal audit control and supervision and restrictive mechanism.

These major responsibilities are called "gate" "export" and "windows", which have become the initial and mission of the trial.

"To make the initial mission like staples, you are in the heart, no matter how big the difficult challenges are not shaken …" This is at the "Jiji · Inheritance" theme symposium, retired old comrades.

"It is always necessary to remember the initial heart, often in the initial heart, long time, I am always happy, do you have anything, do you have to go, you don’t forget the initial heart, continue to advance …" This is "I don’t forget the initial heart, revisit the party volunteer book" The theme party day event, the young comrades of the vow. "To learn to practice the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, the first task, long-term task, enhance the ‘four awareness’, and do two maintenance’, inheriting the trial of the iron army Excellent tradition, shoulder the special historical mission and major political responsibility … "This is the clear requirement of the responsible comrades of the case trial room in the party branch political theory. Knowing the best, winning. The case trial room with a high degree of political responsibility and historical mission, and high quality tried a series of major cases such as Zhao Zhengyong, Qin Guangrong, Nurki Bulk, Lai Xiaomin, obtained the full committee of the Party Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. affim. In response to each case, the case trial room consciously "first politically", adheres to the political and global highly accurate and profound revealing case nature, ensuring good political effects, jurisprudence and social effects, "Iron case project" depends on practical, history and people’s inspection, highlights the mission of the case trial department. Only in 2020, the case trial room reviewed more than 100 cases of cases, and reviewed the designated jurisdiction, from the wide punishment, more than 140 pieces of complaints. In the face of time, the task is heavy, the difficulty is difficult, and the chambers of the chambers will continue to enhance political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and strictness of strictness, only the spiritual state of profit, and strictly take quality responsibility. Each case that is ensured that the audit is derived.

Study business, diligence, and strive to promote the discipline of high-quality development of high-quality development of high-quality development, the application of applicable issues is a groundbreaking research topic taken by the case trial room. During the study, in the past two years, the topic group went to Beijing, Shanxi, Jiangxi, Sichuan, the Supreme People’s Court Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, etc. At 400 books, referred to the case of more than 400 words, and the research report of more than 140,000 characters was written.

In the second half of 2018, Wang Xiaoguang, Zhang Shaochun, Pu Bo, and Bai Xiang, a number of cases of the case of the national supervision committee, and the case trial of the case trial.

Comrade all rooms immediately put the battle, synchronously forming multiple trial groups, and adhered to cooperation, strengthening the new requirements for the evidence of the national supervisors, the evidence of the national supervisors Collective research, closely combined with practical development, suggesting that not only high quality and efficient completion of the trial work, but also provides useful reference for the continuous norms of the investigation office of the duty crime.

The case trial room adheres to the party’s theoretical innovation results as guidance, Daxing investigation and research on the wind, only in 2020, we have carried out 14 topics in the use of "shadow company" corruption, cultural relics and art of cultural relics. The research has achieved positive results. In recent years, the case trial room has established a sound system mechanism to solve the outstanding problems affecting the quality of cases. He has made standard requirements for the discussion of party groups and determines the work procedures, job crime investigation and forensics. Judicial, smooth and efficient institutional mechanism, solved a large number of practical problems in law enforcement work. "One flower is not spring, Baihuaqi release spring garden.

"In order to promote the discipline inspection of the discipline inspection and supervision, the case of up and down linkages and overall promotion, the case trial room carefully created case quality review, hearing business training, business guidance information," Window "website, trial work contact points 5 carriers Construct three-dimensional, multi-dimensional, full-covered business guidance system, which has strongly driven the quality and level of the quality and level of the whole system case. Dare to fight, work hard, highlighting the loyal and clean assignment of discipline inspection and supervision with practical action During the Spring Festival of 2020, a MV called "Trial recruit" was a numerous discipline inspection and supervision cadres.

"Who doesn’t love flowers movies, add tourism, just don’t want to drag today to tomorrow … I am eager to leisurely, but the era mission is not easy.

"This MV has self-directed self-directed self-directed self-directed by the case trial room, which not only shows the new era of discipline inspection and supervision cadres, and the voice of the trial, and also reflects the effective cultivation of the case of the case. .

In recent years, the case trial room has adopted the team building concept of "the strict words, low-spirited, love in among them", continuously strengthen internal supervision and management, and continuously consolidate the organizational basis for high quality development. Room comrades always remind themselves, both disciplined executors and supervisors, and accept the stricter constraints and supervision. The room party branch is doing fine day-to-day supervision, and often conducts a case-review statement, organizing the case of the case, and launches warning education and confidential education with the people around him. After the national supervision system reform, the requirements and difficulty have greatly improved, and the case of the case, the comrades of the case, the comrades of the case can consciously be serious, and the small, I will take into account the case, and I have a resentment. Work. In particular, strive to overcome the adverse effects of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, one hand to catch epidemic, one hand to handle the case, face "hard constraints", dressing, and dress, in the Spring Festival, 2 months after the Spring Festival That is, a series of working procedures for the discovery of the central consideration, declaration, and transfer to the prosecutor, the prosecutor, the prosecutor, etc. . Honor is in the past and struggle to achieve the future.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and COMCOC will win the "National May 1st Labor Award" as a new starting point, continued tradition, concentric, continuous struggle, and high-quality case trial work to promote high quality development.

(Source: "Flag" 2021, 10th, 10th) (Editor: Lin Yan): Lu Fengrujun issued: Zhong Ming).