The Ecological Environment Bureau of Jingbei, Joint Law Enforcement, Pollution

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The Ecological Environment Bureau of Jingbei, Joint Law Enforcement, Pollution

Original title: The old stinking puddle Today’s landscape painting "You see, now this puddle is clear, you can have a vague to see the bottom of the pit, and there is no smell.

"Recently, Beijing Youth Daily reporters followed the Beijing Fangshan District Ecological Environment Bureau, the environmental law enforcement officers of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Hebei Province came to the junction of Dongxian Town, Hancun Hori, Fangshan District, once being" frequent complaints "The stinking puddle is now a new, static water, and looks at the blue sky, looking at it, just like a nature landscape.

  It is understood that this is no longer the first on-site law enforcement in the law enforcement personnel. The puddle covers an area of ??more than 20,000 square meters and has more than 10 meters deep.

Previously, the water in the pit was black, and the smeared of the disadvantage was far away.

The puddle is the abandonment of the original brick factory soil, and later, because the surrounding sandstone field will be raised in the pit, there is an illegal dump cause, so that this puddle turns a stinky ditch.

But this place belongs to the junction of Fangshan and Zhangzhou, and it is difficult to law enforcement. To this end, the law enforcement personnel in the two locations jointly enforced. L Shifei, the sixth queue of the Ecological Environment Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, told the Beiqing reporter, before, Fangshan and Zhangzhou have taken governance action. This time, I found that there were some floating garbage around the puddle. The Mountain Ecological Environment Bureau immediately coordinated the Han Village River Town government to clean up, and strengthened the daily inspection. Sandworks that are not shut down around, brickworks are processed according to law.

  In addition to fixed areas, mobile source pollution management is also one of the difficulties of environmental protection work.

Last year, the city’s first time the mobile source supervision into the key work of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei environmental linkage law enforcement.

According to Feng Huadong, the person in charge of the mobile source supervision of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Fangshan District, Changda Road is a junction of the housing mountain and Zhangzhou, so there is a certain difficulty in investigating the emissions of over-standard diesel vehicles, although the area of ??the Ecological Environment is over-standard vehicles "Strictly defense", but sometimes it is not in its own country, it is unable to make effective supervision of excellence. The joint law enforcement guarantees the "all-round medical examination" of the Beijing vehicle. "We have reached a consensus in the definition of exceeding the standard to ensure that the vehicle ‘treatment’ will enter the Beijing."

  This year, it is the third year of the Fangshan District Ecological Environment Bureau and Hebei to implement joint law enforcement.

In Hu Yujiang, deputy director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Fangshan District, "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration" is not only reflected in economic collaboration, but also in the common governance of the environment.

"This is the specific embodiment of doing practical things for the masses, but also to celebrate the party’s 100-year-old environmental guarantee." Hu Yujiang said. Wen and the reporter Liu Wei (responsible: Bao Congying, Gao Xing).