"Four Four Guards" to promote high-standard farmland project construction "Luzhou experience" for the province

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"Four Four Guards" to promote high-standard farmland project construction "Luzhou experience" for the province

Original title: "Four grab four guarantees" to promote high-standard farmland project construction "Luzhou experience" as the provincial exchange on October 25, the reporter learned from the Municipal Agricultural Rural Area, in the recently held high-standard farmland construction "100th "At the Cultivated Land and Fish, Zhangzhou City made an experience exchange. Since 2019, Zhangzhou City has vigorously promoted the construction of high standard farmland projects, and realized that the annual project has been fully started in October. At the end of March of the next year, the field main project was completed, ensuring that spring farming production is full. In this regard, the agricultural rural department’s publicity center also filmed the high-standard farmland construction scenarios in Zhangzhou City, promoting the management of the "four grapples and four guarantees" project of the high-standard farmland in Luzhou City.

First, pay the funds to support the project. Cangzhou City county increased the investment of county-level supporting funds, striving for local bonds and integrated agricultural project funds, fully implemented supporting funds, carrying out high standard farmland construction. Cangzhou City, according to the annual assessment of the districts and counties, and the provincial and counties gave the municipal fiscoven funds to the municipal fiscén, and the 2020 annual project prize fund was implemented 17.1 million yuan. Since 2019, Cangzhou City has a total of 100 million yuan for central and provincial subsidies.

The second is to grasp the institutional mechanism and protect the project.

Zhangzhou City has established the municipal government’s basic construction headquarters, which has formed an expert library covering farmland water conservancy, land finishing, cultivated land quality, infrastructure accounting, and guiding the city’s high-standard farmland construction, forming all levels of government. The working mechanism leading to the agricultural rural departments, the relevant departments jointly participated in the work mechanism; the high-standard farmland construction management is included in the work target tasks and leadership teams, leading cadres promote the resulination strategy performance assessment content; will high standard farmland projects Construction progress and annual work development as the basis for the construction tasks and funds in the next year.

Cangzhou City also grasps the planning site selection, protects grain production; grasping the project supervision, protect the quality progress.

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