"Field Police" escort spring farming production

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"Field Police" escort spring farming production

Original title: "Field Police" escorted spring plowing production and buying seeds, fertilizer marinating … Just during the critical period of spring plowing for farming, farmers were busy reserve production materials, and the public security organs "field police" was also busy. Police and auxiliary police went deep into the field. In the ground, strictly fight against the law, regulate disputes, preach the rule of law, and escort spring plowing production. At present, the quality and safety of maintaining agricultural products is a major issue for agricultural production. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Public Security Department, the province’s public security organs have paid close attention to the prominent issues of "pit farmers and farmers" with serious social harm, and strengthen communication with agricultural rural areas, market supervision and other departments, improve and improve torture connection, judicial collaboration, and law enforcement linkage linkage The mechanism has formed a joint force of cracking down on work, fast investigation and fast -oriented case -related cases, and guarding the quality and safety of agricultural capital. "Spring plowing is a major event for every household in our rural people. If you buy counterfeit seeds during the preparation period, the loss will be great. We will strictly control the quality of the seeds and actively cooperate with the public security department to ensure that farmers buy high -quality seeds. "Said the shop owner of Nijiatai villagers in Tiedong District, Anshan City. For a period of time, the police of the Dolu Shan Police Station of the Anshan Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of Anshan City went deep into the area to comprehensively combat agricultural crimes such as fakes and inferiority, toxic and harmfulness. The Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of the Xihu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Benxi City and the Dongfeng Police Station conducted an assault inspection of the agricultural market and a number of seed pesticide dealers in the area under its jurisdiction. Product vouchers and anti -counterfeiting logos, relevant laws and regulations on agricultural capital operators, and in response to the issues of the inspection, the notice of rectification is issued on the spot to rectify the time limit to effectively prevent unqualified agricultural products from flowing into the market. The Public Security Bureau of Beizhen City organized police forces to conduct uninterrupted visits to the city’s production and operation seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other merchants, urging merchants to strictly implement relevant management and storage systems, strictly implement sales and registering, and strictly prevent pit farmers and farmers.

"If you buy fake and shoddy seeds or pesticides, you must report to the public security organs.

"The police helped the people in the most generous way to help the people do a good job of spring plowing, adopting the method of" walking while walking ", combining publicity and visiting investigations, and timely mediation of various disputes. It is understood that in 2021 During the special operation of the "thunder" of grain protection, the province’s public security organs broke 114 cases, arrested 88 suspects, and 27 black den, and 6 criminal gangs. The total value of more than 100 million yuan was involved. Illegal crimes in the field of assets. This year, in accordance with the requirements of "full links, full elements, and full chain" this year, the public security organs of our province continued to do a good job of cracking down on illegal crimes in the field of agricultural capital.

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