Welcome to the red story of the 20th and cultural relics | The steel hero behind the epitaph -visit the Tomb of Zhao Yizheng

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Welcome to the red story of the 20th and cultural relics | The steel hero behind the epitaph -visit the Tomb of Zhao Yizheng

  Our reporter Zhao Zongfeng entered May and the sun became hot. In the southeast corner of Liaocheng Park, there is a place in a place for green trees to cover up and get rid of the trouble.

Zhao Yizheng and the third brother Zhao Yitang slept here.

  Zhao Yizheng (1904 1928), a native of Yaoyuanzi Street, Liaocheng Guan, joined the Communist Party of China in 1925. He was a member of the Luxi County Party Committee and an agent secretary.

Dozens of words of epitaphs made Liu Rufeng, vice president and secretary -general of the Liaocheng Revolutionary Promotion Association, was so emotional that at least two key information in this epitaph was revealed. First, Zhao Yizheng joined the party organization earlier; The second is that he is the first Communist Party member to sacrifice the revolution.

  It doesn’t matter if you beheading, as long as you are true.

Killing Xia Minghan, and later people. On February 9, 1928, Xia Minghan was killed in Wuhan, Hubei. Just 4 months later, Zhao Yizheng, 4 years older than Xia Minghan, sacrificed at Liaocheng South Pass. Before he was generous, he also wrote a poem: the patriotism was innocent, and the revolution was more innocent. What is the fear of the death penalty? The same strong and fierce, the same is unreasonable. Zhao Yizheng’s tomb presented by the family and classmates in front of the reporter. The entire cemetery is about 16 meters long and about 30 meters long in north and south.

The cemetery is clean and tidy, and it can be seen from the cleaning tools placed at the door that people are constantly coming to clean. In 1928, after Zhao Yizheng sacrificed, the Liaocheng Party organization set up a tombstone in Yaoyuanzi, Liaocheng, the birthplace of Zhao Yizheng.

In the 1970s, the tomb of Zhao Yizheng was moved here. It was his third brother Zhao Yitang, who slept with him. Their inscription was written by Wu Yuntao, a famous calligrapher of Liaocheng. In fact, in that era of storms, Zhao Yizheng, who participated in the revolution earlier, has driven the whole family to embark on the path of seeking truth, saving the country and saving the people. There is such a shot in history: On August 20, 1926, Zhao Yizheng’s second brother Zhao Yikai and his classmates Wang Zhiyin and Li Ruoxue, including more than a dozen provinces, left Liaocheng and rushed to Guangzhou and were admitted to the Huangpu Military Academy’s officers for preparation classes.

In November 1925, Zhao Yizheng was influenced by the revolutionary wave. Together with his classmates Nie Zizheng, Wang Yinsheng, Sun Daan and others, dropped out of school south and admitted to the fourth phase of the Huangpu Military Academy. Zhao Yikai and others rushed to Guangzhou, in the context of Zhao Yizheng’s continuous writing to mobilize relatives and friends of his hometown to go to the flood of the Great Revolution.

  At the Huangpu Military Academy, Zhao Yikai and his elder brother actively participated in revolutionary progress activities. At the end of 1926, he joined the Communist Party of China. The third brother Zhao Yitang participated in the revolutionary work in 1937 and sacrificed in the front line of the Anti -Japanese War in 1940. The fourth brother Zhao Yipeng and his son Zhao Bin also participated in the revolutionary work. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Zhao Yizheng’s father, Mr. Zhao Zifang, who opened a private school in his house, was deeply righteous. Not only did he support a few children on the road of revolution, but in the spring of 1923, he was admitted to Liaocheng County Local Autonomous Lecture Institute with his son Zhao Yizheng in the spring of 1923 to seek a political way out. The county party committee is located in the Zhaojianan house. The old gentleman took the initiative to stand and put the whistle, and arranged for the family to take care of the comrades’ food and accommodation. Zhao Yizheng’s lover and brother -in -law burned the water to cook, storage of leaflets and documents, and provided various convenience for the promotion of revolutionary work.

It can be said that whether it was during the Great Revolution, during the War of Resistance Against Japan or the War of Liberation, and even after the founding of New China, the Zhao family made an indelible contribution to the country. If the rock is dying, if he compares his life to a river, in the short life of Zhao Yizheng’s 24 -year -old, three historical fragments are like a strong wave, which is particularly moving.

  The first clip can be called a tear crying.

In 1925, the May 30 tragedy broke out, which aroused the wrath of opposition to imperialism across the country. Students from Shandong No. 2 Middle School in Liaocheng also carried out the demonstration campaign of anti -emperor and patriotism. Zhao Yizheng also edited and performed a live news drama with a few friends. He played a peasant woman who avoided the landlord forced debts, let her husband die, and then cried the corpse. He burst into tears and moved to the crowd crying.

The generosity of a progressive youth shows this way, making people respect.

  The second fragment can be called a hero before the riots. On January 14, 1928, under the leadership of the Dongchang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, the riots of the slopes broke out and lift the first revolutionary red flag in Northwest Lune. Prior to this, there was another story of a hero meeting. At that time, north of Yanggu Po, a green forest forces with the banner of Tianxing Road, the leaders were Han Jiande and Cao Wannian.

In order to transform this team, Zhao Yizheng and Nie Zizheng took the initiative to meet with the two leaders to guide the Communist Party’s claims because of a momentum. Facing the hesitation of the two leaders, Zhao Yizheng took the initiative to show his identity and won the trust and recognition of the other party. The wit and bravery of a Communist Party member showed vividly at this hero.

  The third fragment can be called the death after being arrested. On June 7, 1928, Zhao Yizheng was arrested for betraying the traitor.

In the face of the so -called military law of the enemy and the release of the signed by the book, he can be released, and even the seductive seduction of senior officials Hou Lu, he strictly refused.

In the face of brutal punishment, the fearless Zhao Yizheng even scolded the enemy with a patriotic innocence and innocent revolution.

Two days before the sentence, Zhao Yizheng, who was known to die, comforted the fourth brother Zhao Yipeng who came to send meals, to persuade his parents and sister -in -law, don’t be sad for me, and let them raise my child who was under the age of four. Revolutionary legacy that can be achieved.

A revolutionary is not unreasonable and weak, but when the footsteps of the devil are approaching, he chooses to treat death.

  The heroes are not dead as Songbai, and Zhao Yizheng’s tomb is quiet. Liu Rufeng said that while the Tomb of Zhao Yizheng was retained in Liaocheng Park, the Liaocheng Martyrs Cemetery Memorial Museum in the construction will be restored with a modern means: in October 1927, the Dongchang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China was established among Zhao Yizheng’s family. A hopeful nation must not have no heroes, and a promising country cannot have no pioneers.

The people of their hometown have never forgotten this pioneer. Every time the Qingming Festival, many people have come to his tombs to presented flowers, and many schools in the urban area are still organizing the theme classes here.

  The revolutionary belief is as great as heaven. The place where Zhao Yizheng once grew up and fighting was always the main position of Liaocheng’s young people’s political enlightenment and values. This year, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Youth League, the Youth League and Municipal Party Committee accelerated the construction of the new era of the young pioneer work system. By optimizing the structure of the young pioneer counselor team, creating a multi -school practice base, etc. Newcomers in the times, unswervingly follow the party.

  The times are different, and youth is in harmony.

Contemporary young people who were about Zhao Yizheng before the sacrifice, stood up on all fronts with their pride who dared to call the sun and the moon. They set up a youth assault team to carry out a new Liaocheng operation of youth, gathered the majestic youth forces to help the construction of six new Liaocheng.

  Every day Liaocheng Park is lively. Everyone’s happiness, sense of gain, and security is written on the smile.

Today’s new era is the prosperity of the revolutionary first. Our country has become more powerful. We can comfort them, their blood has no flow. Liu Rufeng said. [Editor in charge: Guo Yanna].